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Caviar Anti Aging – How caviar can help your skin glow

What is caviar? Salty eggs extracted from certain kinds of fish, such as salmon. It is considered as one of the most expensive and splendid foods in the world. Its benefits Caviar has many remedial benefits. It helps produce anti-ageing agents. The antioxidants in the caviar lift the skin and…

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What are wrinkles and how to prevent them

Wrinkles are the visual outcome of aging. There are three types of wrinkles. These are fold, creases and ridges. After the age of 20, our skin starts the process of becoming older. Many factors affect positively or negatively the rate of aging and these are presented in our infographic as…

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Skin Care Guide by Aika Beauty and Medical Center

When it comes to the skin care I pay a lot of attention on the good cosmetic products. I personally believe that if you wanna have a nice and nourished skin you need to start caring about the skin at the young age and treat it properly with the good…

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Caviar anti aging with a luxurious skin care cosmetics line

Our products  have won Eye cream award for 2016 and Best Product award for 2017. They have now featured in magazines as well as TV shows world-wide and are being used daily by millions of our fans. Magazines like Elle, Pulse, Skin Inc, VietSun, Aeroflot, Les Nouvelles Esthitiques & Spa and Lifestyle have featured our cosmetics line in several of their articles. The luxurious cosmetics line is continuously appearing in media from around the world and is gaining popularity by the day. A cosmetics line comprising of a night and day face cream, an eye cream and a serum, thus a complete skin care set. Together these three products will lessen wrinkles, dissolve lines and provide all the necessary nutrients and minerals that the skin so desperately needs. We have been studying the process of skin care in depth and with our knowledge and experience, our products represent one of the most innovative approaches of DNA skin care. Most of all, our cosmetics leave the skin glowing, radiant and healthy so it looks youthful regardless of age.