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How To Treat Pimples – 3 Guaranteed Tips

A pimple is nothing more than an inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands (the glands that secrete the natural oils of the skin) are infected with bacteria, swelling and filling up with a pus. Excessive secretion of sebum from these glands is the main cause behind this…

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9 Incredible Causes Of Pimples On Face

What causes of pimples on face? This is why you are reading this article right? Nobody likes to have pimples on their face or the body, let alone when they suddenly appear without any warning. It is known that stress is usually the main factor that causes pimples “from nowhere”,…

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How To Exfoliate Your Face – 4 Perfect Steps

If you do not exfoliate at least once a week, it is very likely that your skin is accumulating powders, make-up remnants and dead skin cells that will close the pores of the skin and cause you irritation or even acne. You may not have it in your beauty routine…

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Caviar Cosmetics by Caviar of Switzerland

Our caviar cosmetics have won Best Eye Cream award for 2016 and Best Face Cream award for 2017. They have now featured in magazines as well as TV shows world-wide and are being used daily by millions of our fans. Magazines like Elle, Pulse, Skin Inc, VietSun, Aeroflot, Les Nouvelles Esthitiques & Spa and Lifestyle have featured our cosmetics line in several of their articles. The luxurious cosmetics line is continuously appearing in media from around the world and is gaining popularity by the day. A cosmetics line comprising of a night and day face cream, an eye cream and a serum, thus a complete skin care set. Together these three products will lessen wrinkles, dissolve lines and provide all the necessary nutrients and minerals that the skin so desperately needs. We have been studying the process of skin care in depth and with our knowledge and experience, our products represent one of the most innovative approaches of DNA skin care. Most of all, our cosmetics leave the skin glowing, radiant and healthy so it looks youthful regardless of age.